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Jon Garcia is an accomplished musician and Emmy-nominated filmmaker currently living in Portland, Oregon. He has released five feature films in varying genres in his short career as a filmmaker, including the cult trilogy of The FallsThe Falls:Testament of Love, and The Falls:Covenant of Grace being the most well known. The films have screened in film festivals all over the world and have been available on NetflixHuluAmazoniTunes and many other platforms. As a producer and documentarian, he has worked with Oregon Public Broadcast, Oregon’s PBS station and produced original content for the show Artbeat. He has also done over 40 videos for Wacom Technology, an internationally known company that makes creative hardware. As a musician he has released 2 studio albums, performed soundtracks on award winning feature films and had a popular song on BBC radio in the UK called, “Heart shaped Skeleton Keys” in 2007. As a novelist, he released his first co-written novel this year, which is a book based on The Falls, distributed by Dreamspinner Press. Currently he runs his company, Lake Productions, a full service production company that creates feature films, commercials, and music videos. In February, Jon’s music video, “Feel like Running,”  won Paste Magazine’s music video of the year for 2016. 


Tandem Hearts

The Falls

Feature Film

The Falls: Testament of Love

Feature Film

The Hours Till Daylight

Feature Film

Feel Like running 

Music Video

The Falls: Covenant of Grace

Feature Film

Room to Grow



The Lake

by Jon Garcia

© Copyright - Jon Garcia 

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"The Lake" is inspired by an actual house once lived in by songwriter Jon Garcia and the events that occurred in it. The songs are dynamic and vary from post-rock, Americana, and Rock influences throughout.

Genre: Folk: Folk Pop

Release Date: 2010






The Falls Trilogy

With such an eclectic filmmaking sensibility, Jon Garcia is looking to become a major new talent in American cinema ~Edge Media Network


Out of nowhere it seemed, a sweet little LGBT love story called The Falls seemed to capture a special place in the hearts of audiences nationwide ~The Independent Critic


An ocean of calm and love in a world that is filled with so much conflict and angst-be that political, social or economic ~JWR


…repression and strict religious vocation are touched upon realistically and respectfully, letting the story of one man finding himself -and another man- shine through with grace and dignity ~Vancouver Weekly Canada


…well acted, wonderfully directed and cleverly conceptualized… a nuanced and superb analysis of how two young men find affection and sexual attraction for each other in  in the confines of a repressive religious context ~Mamba South Africa


It’s a brave first time writer/director who walks on Mormon ground… Jon Garcia has nevertheless succeeded in crafting a remarkably compelling tale of love… Simply heartwarming… Love is not a sin in The Falls ~Gay Celluloid


...set to take the 2013 festival circuit by storm this fall  ~Huffington Post


a very satisfying continuation…Writer/producer/director Jon Garcia has crafted a wonderful story of love, acceptance, choice and reconciliation… Garcia pulls out stellar performances from Ferrucci and Farmer. ~The E List


While still at its heart a love story, The Falls: Testament of Love presents a wonderfully complex look at families, commitments, and the intersection of religion and love ~Purple Unions


Garcia shot the movie in July of this year.  He premiered the move in October.  That’s only four months to put together a feature film, which isn’t a lot of time ~The M Report



…a ghost film through-and-through…Garcia has an eye for horror~The Evil Blogger


It’s just a creepy haunting story.  That’s what will make The Hours Till Daylight stand out from the rest ~UK Horror Scene


A supernatural thriller inspired by true events…Once the exorcism begins, Marco has until daylight to defeat the malevolent spirit or risk losing everything…Garcia brought an interesting perspective to the subject matter ~Cody Hamman, Horror Movie News



In Music We Trust interview

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2017 Emmy Nomination for Oregon Art Beat ep. 1712 featuring a segment on the Portland Ballet.

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The Falls

Co-wriiten with Marty Beaudet based on The Falls screenplay by Jon Garcia

The Films of Jon Garcia



Portland Films & Filmmakers, Vol. 1 by Eric B. Olsen. Coming soon.